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Outsourcing services

ITlect services are aimed to assist our customers both in organization, development and support of ones technology initiatives to help them achieve their business goals.

ITlect provides its services either on a project or long-term basis.

Outsourcing services:
Software development services
Team staffing

Software development services

Custom software design and development

International IT market offers a lot of ready-made software products and solutions, which may be helpful for your business.
But in case one can not find a product that addresses all business needs of a specific enterprise it is time to turn to ITlect.
ITlect offers you another option: we develop software at your request and take into account all your demands and peculiarities of your business.
As a result, the end software product is not only of high quality and performance, but it also exactly meets your requirements, making your business processes easier, faster and more cost-effective.

Software integration and customization

Software customization is used to make an existing product/solution easier to use and address specific needs of the customer.
In this case ITlect offers you several options of software integration and customization:
The main advantage of customizing a software product to your particular needs is that the cost of the whole service is lower than if it is developed from the very beginning.

Legacy systems reengineering

In case your application is written with the use of outdated technologies which prevent it from effective work, and interoperability with other software ITlect is ready to reengineer it.
ITlect possesses necessary knowledge and experience to reengineer legacy applications and systems to contemporary standards, rewrite them in more suitable languages and migrate them into new environments. The look and feel of the reengineered software may slightly change; on the other hand, it can have new features, be more functional, efficient, productive, easier and cheaper to use and maintain, etc.

Software technical support and maintenance

ITlect offers technical support and maintenance of your software no matter if this software has been developed by ITlect, another software development company or purchased elsewhere. Established processes and modern tools enable ITlect to provide high quality and timely technical support around the clock without significant interruptions of your work.

Team staffing

In case your are not just interested in one project but want to have your own independent offshore team and be sure that this people will possess exact knowledge and will not be used on other projects we offer you to form an exclusive team for you. ITlect accents the team building process as one of its key success factors.
See below general step by step team building process:

Your requirements

Receiving complete detailed requirements from a client (a client fills in our Requirement questionnaire);

Our IT pool and cooperating with personnel recruitment agencies

According to the received requirements we start searching the most suitable candidates. We use our own business connections; we look for best specialists in our IT pool as well as can cooperate with other IT companies and Personnel Recruitment agencies;

Local interviewing

First we study the experience and qualification of the found professionals, and then interview the most suiting the set up requirements;

Online interviewing

If the applicant gets our approval and validation, we organize his on-line interview (or testing) with the customer, so that the customer could judge the abilities of the employee and decide on his suitability by himself;

Team building

In case of positive decision, we form the team here in Belarus. The team can also be sent on a business trip to the customer to be trained on the project. If there is no such necessity, the team starts working on a development project here as we provide it with all the equipment it needs.