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About us

ITlect is a custom software development company located in Minsk, Belarus (Eastern Europe). We specialize in working with small and mid-sized organizations to optimize their costs on, and ensure the quality of custom software applications and IT infrastructure.

Founded in 2008 we try even harder to see our customers satisfied with our services and cooperation results in the long term. In this regard the main principles of ITlect are:
  • ITlect works only with professionals (all project team leads are certified specialists);
  • ITlect minimizes your hidden costs basing on our knowledge and positive experience on how interaction between a customer and the team should be organized;
  • ITlect is always ready to compile our work shift with customers;
  • ITlect strives for efficiency and transparency by establishing internal and external processes in a way that a customer can have step by step control over project processes;
  • ITlect proposes the lowest prices in comparison with other IT companies in Belarus;
  • ITlect practices flexible pricing and payment systems which guarantee minimal financial risks for our clients.